The Perfumers Apprentice (США):

"there is admittedly confusion when it comes to flavors and vegan,
since there is no federal legal definition.

there is a "grey area" with one of the components used in flavors.
this ingredient is "Butter Esters", which is a molecule that can be produced naturally or synthetic,
but either way it is manufactured.
both methods involve chemical reactions for synthesis, with the natural version synthesized from butter acids,
which themselves are produced through chemical reactions.

so years ago there was disagreement from the manufacturers whether a synthesized molecule is vegan or not.

Cheesecake and Waffle Flavor years ago had the butter esters removed.
We discontinued Gingerbread and Holiday Spice
Butterscotch does not have them but DX Butterscotch does
the two Papaya's have them
and we have added Dulce de Leche caramel and Maple Deluxe and DX Jamaican Rum that has them

all of these have that one ingredient at trace levels (less than or equal to 0.5%)
and all but one (Maple Deluxe) at less than 0.15%

but again, there is no conclusive statement we could make since manufacturers don't tell
us whether they use the artificial version, which would always be vegan,
or the natural version, which they would argue is vegan but maybe vegans would not agree.
again, there is no Federal definition.

when I hear the term "animal products", I think of products that come directly from animals,
like meat, milk, etc. , not products of chemical reactions produced in a lab.

but I certainly realize that others might not agree, so that is why there is no vegan statement on our website."

Capella (США)

Our gluten and sugar free flavorings are perfect for Vegans because they contain no animal sourced ingredients of any kind.

Flavor West (США)

Flavor West flavorings still contain no components of animal origin.

FlavourArt (Италия)

Yes, we proudly confirms that non of our liquids or flavors contain animal derived ingredients.

In addition, I inform you that all our safety and harm reduction tests visible on dedicated website have been performed as not cruelty base, so all on human line cells and in vitro."

Lakerian (Китай)


Фруктовый ароматизатор, эссенция, масляные капли для блеска для губ, основа, сделай сам, ручная работа, губная помада, косметика для веганов, пищевое сырье, 10 мл
Flavor ingredients: methyl cyclopentenol ketone, cocoa tincture, pyrazines, vanillin, isovaleraldehyde, etc.

Мы не спрашивали ничего про носители, потому что обычно это пропиленгликоль (веганский компонент) и у всех аромок можно найти состав и проверить его перед покупкой.